There are many PERKS when we use private jets. Successful companies can justify the use of charter planes in terms of saving time and costs.The main reasons our clients use a business jet are listed below.


This is the main reason why business traveler use private aircraft. Depending on your itinerary you can be airborne within just a few hours from your initial inquiry. You can arrive at the airport just fifteen minutes before your scheduled departure time, you can fly directly to your destination, make productive use of your time on-board, reduce any overnight stops, avoid waiting in lines at the airport, land at over 3,000 airports and get closer to your destination.

All this means that you can significantly reduced your stress levels by spending less time at the airport – without the lines, waiting, lost luggage, transfers, delay concerns or security issues of commercial flights you’ll be a lot more relaxed.

Productivity is increased before, during and after your flight. You and your employees can make the most of the travel time to talk business with customers, suppliers or partners.

52% of the flights taken by business aircraft passengers help them keep business schedules that can’t be met efficiently using scheduled airlines.


There are over 1,500 airports in Europe available for business jets to use and 5,000 airports in the US compared and more than 200 airports in India compared to airports for larger commercial aircraft. This means you can often land closer to your true destination.

The most popular private jet route is Mumbai to Delhi.

New rules such as taking on liquids and laptops etc has caused all sorts of inconveniences for people flying commercially, but private flyers can avoid all this. Private aircraft means that you can travel with your special belongings in the cabin.


You have the flexibility to access thousands more airports and airfields around the world, meaning you can choose an airport closer to your final destination. It also enables you to organise your travel requirements at a time to suit your needs.

You also have the ability to perform multi-stop day trips which could not be achieved by scheduled services. You can also determine the schedule not the airlines. Planes can also be available at a few hours notice and can wait for you if you’re running late.


Reduce hours away from your family and friends, meaning you can spend more time with them, by reducing travel time and not having to spend as many over-nights away from home. Travelling for business is not only stressful for you, but it can put a tremendous amount of strain on family life. Too many nights away can be harmful especially for children who want their parents around for special occasions. Don’t let them miss out.


You can hold meetings and make productive use of your time, without being over heard. No interruptions and your overall travel will also be far less visible when you’re on a private plane, so helping preserve the secrecy around important negotiations or deals.

A business jet shows that a company is keen to get things done in an efficient way and being more productive with their time. Entertaining clients by private jet, either flying out to meet them or flying them to your headquarters show them that you’re serious and want to move things forward.


At some airports it’s possible to get dropped off and picked up on the ramp

You can park in a secure and private car park, directly outside the private terminal. At reception, you’ll be greeted by a member of the staff, who will check you in, take your details and car keys if you’re returning later that day or a couple of days later, if required.

When it’s time to depart, you will be escorted through the private security screening area ( if you’re travelling on a larger private jet) and then walk you directly to your aircraft.

The moment you step off the aircraft, a member of the FBO staff will be there to greet you. Once there, we will assist you through all the formalities of Immigration and Customs. This takes just a few minutes compared to a commercial flight. In the meantime, if you have any luggage it will be taken from the aircraft, directly to your chauffeur car outside the front terminal.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Your business mindset is different. This is why you will be rewarded by using a private aircraft. Not only are you thinking ahead of the competiton you’re staying ahead of them too. You can adapt to change quicker and more efficiently than a business that fly on commercial airlines. Reach further afield and get deals before anyone else.

Are You Ready?

Many hundreds of business people, from owners of small family companies, to the chairman of multi-national companies have discovered that a business jet is an essential tool which can lead to greater profitability for their companies.

Itineraries can be changed instantly and business jets can be flown to thousands more destinations, allowed to conduct business in total privacy whilst reducing the stress and convenience associated with commercial airliners.


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