Special Flight During Lock down due COVID 19.

World is facing serious problem from COVID 19 and most of countries are under LOCKDOWN to avoid spreading of pandemic Coronavirus. But there are many who have stranded in other countries and want to reach their home so they can unite with their family and loved ones.

Many Government and their embassy are arranging Special Charter Flights to reach their home who are stuck in different countries. While it has been seen that many charter flights arranged by Embassy/Consulate are from their few Metro Cities to their country. But many foreigners who are working/visiting in other country are stranded in different part of the country.

Enthral Aviation is been providing special flight in co-ordination with Embassy/Consulate and Government Authorities, transferring people who are stuck in different parts of the country.  It’s our endeavor to provide every support which our organization can support and be part of the fight against Coronavirus.

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